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The size of the product is 20 * 10 cm.
Inside for lining used leather haberdashery, elastic but
durable. 4 compartments for banknotes, branch on a snake,, 12 compartments
for cards.
Drawing can cause any.

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The purse on the Tigress snake is a custom-made purse. Repetition of this work is impossible, but you can order a product with your own special pattern from us. The given drawing has been taken from a tattoo for example.
Handmade purse is made of natural Italian tanning leather, thickness of leather is 2 mm. The technique of drawing – embossing.

Painting of a purse occurs in some stages, at first it is impregnation by various materials which prevent cracking of a purse and give to a skin elasticity, further colour drawing –
a patina-like gelantic. After painting, the wallet is varnished to protect the paint from abrasion, and the varnish also protects the wallet from moisture.

All products are sewn completely by hand. For this purpose we use a wax thread and a helmet saddle seam. This is a special seam, which was used in the sewing of seats. It is very durable and beautiful. We polish and cover the ends of the wallet with a special cut that protects the end from moisture and makes it more attractive.

The size of the product is 20*10 cm.

Inside, the lining is lined with haberdashery leather, which is elastic but
solid. 4 banknote compartments, snake compartment, 12 compartments
for maps.

The wallet closes on a snake. For our works we take only the best
fittings like YKK snakes.

Also, we use only high quality
materials and a professional range of paints and oils, we constantly
we learn to make leather goods better and better,
so we give a 3-year warranty on our products.

Smyrnovleather is a bright and soulful leather product. These are things,
that make you happy.

We would like to remind you that this is entirely manual work, so some nuances, such as the tone of the colors, t


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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 20 x 10 cm


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