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All our products are made entirely by hand. From cutting to firmware. When applying the pattern, we use the combined technique of carving and burning on the skin. We care about your comfort and send the products in a beautiful, branded packaging Smyrnovleather.

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All our products are made entirely by hand. From cutting to firmware. When applying the picture, we use the combined technique of burning and embossing. The product fits comfortably in your hand, the skin is pleasant to the touch. The combination of detail and volume also contributes to the aesthetics of the product.

The wallet is made of genuine Italian vegetable tanned leather, leather thickness 2 mm. The wallet is painted in several stages, first it is impregnated with various means, the product is saturated with oil for softness and elasticity of the skin. Next comes the application of color – gel-antique with the effect of patination. After painting, the wallet is varnished to protect the paint from abrasion; the varnish also protects the wallet from moisture. Perimeter firmware is done only manually with leather tape. Only the hand seam makes the product as durable and wear resistant.

Wallet size when folded 10 * 20 cm.

Inside, we use leather for haberdashery, elastic, but durable. This allows the product to remain ergonomic and thin. Even in the filled state, it remains compact. The purse filling consists of two compartments for notes, one of them on an accordion, a coin box, 8 compartments for cards, a compartment for passports. If desired, the phone fits comfortably in the wallet.

This wallet is also great for travel. It contains the necessary printouts and tickets. Travel wallet with a bright pattern-mood. What could be better?

The purse is closed on the internal button, if desired, they can not be put or replaced with magnetic buttons.

We can place a ring under the carabiner on any of our wallets, so that we can fasten the purse to the belt with a chain or leather cord (ordered separately) and be safely carried in the back pocket.

On this wallet, we can put your name engraving.

We would like to remind you that this is completely handmade, so some nuances, such as the tone of the color scale, minimal details, may differ.

In the manufacture of products under the order, we can offer a few more options configurations pads. Such as additional compartments for cards, a transparent pocket, etc. It is also possible to move the button to the front side or not to put it. Additionally, you can order from us accessories to this wallet, such as a cord, a strap, a belt strap, a purse for a purse like a clutch. For all questions regarding accessories – write.

We use in our work only high-quality materials and a professional line of paints, such as Fiebing’s and Eco-Flo. The combination of our knowledge, experience and the best materials, gives us the right to guarantee the quality of the product during operation. Smyrnovleather is a bright leather product made with soul. These are things that give joy. The company package includes a product passport, in which we stipulate a 3-year warranty.

Buying any of our products, you save your time in choosing a festive gift wrapper. We care about your comfort and send the products in a beautiful, branded packaging Smyrnovleather. So you get the selected product in a stylish frame and a lot of free time.

The product is coated with varnish, which prevents it from contamination, but if the product has been exposed to rain, it is necessary to wipe it with a soft cloth and let it dry naturally. Do not blow dry. If the product is dirty, it should also be wiped with a soft cloth or a piece of thick fur.

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 20 x 10 x 2 cm



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