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Leather clip for money of 12 * 8.5 cm. Completely handwork, drawing any drawing under the order is possible.

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Leather clip Predator for banknotes – looks very stylish and tasteful. Such a clamp will be a great gift, or you can consider it for yourself as a convenient and compact wallet.
The work is done completely by hand. From cutting to sewing. Drawing we have made in the technique of pyrography with further painting and varnishing. We carry out the stitching by a saddle seam with a waxy thread. Stitches turn out accurate and strong. Clamp Predator is made of strong and smooth leather tanning, thickness of 2 mm. Clamp from such leather turns out dense, firm. If you want to order a product from us, you can choose from which leather to make the product. From more dense or from more soft.

Inside the clamp is a folding metal mechanism that fixes the bills.

For all our work we give a 3-year warranty. Each work is packed in a beautiful gift wrapping.

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 12 x 8.5 x 1 cm


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