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Handmade stylish leather keychain is pleasant and comfortable to use. Your keys will always be visible and visible. All products are delivered in beautiful packaging. The picture and size of the product can be any.

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Leather keychain Traveler is a charismatic accessory that is chosen by adventurers and travelers. When you look at it, you can see cities and strange places, islands, forests and many other interesting and enticing places.

Choosing such an accessory, you tell the world and yourself that travel is important for you, and it’s great! After all, every little thing in the image creates an indescribable impression and a special mood.

With leather keychain Traveler, your keys will always be visible, and you will not look for them. Handmade drawing adds a certain charm to the product and characterizes the owner. After all, with beautiful accessories, you look more stylish, effective and tasteful.

The technique of drawing on the keychain – pyrography.

As we can make charms in the embossing technique, or combined technique – embossing and burning. Each technique is attractive in its own way, and each has its own fans.

All our products are made completely manually, from nesting, to piercing and drawing. Handicraft is always unique and valuable.

Leather products are created in a soul workshop, and it is felt at the first touch to them. We love the business and value each our customer.

The size and drawing can be any, as it is possible to place on a keychain a logo of your firm or the trade mark. We accept corporate orders.

It is possible to put initials and to make an engraving, phone number.

At the individual order, we develop the sketch, or we discuss yours. You will visually represent final result before the product will be created. It is very convenient.

Choosing a handmade product for yourself or for a gift – you will receive it in a beautiful, gift wrapping, which saves your time on gift wrapping if you purchased it. And also creates a good mood when receiving your order.

If you are worried about choosing a gift, whether it really will be to your liking – a gift certificate for the amount you have chosen will be a great solution. The certificate also comes to you in a beautiful package, looks stylish and has a good expiration date.

Smyrnovleather is not just a leather product, it is a soulful product.

We would like to remind you that all products are entirely handmade, so some small details may differ.

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 6 x 4 cm


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