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Leather cover for documents, size 7 * 11cm, the picture can be anything, as well as the background. We want to remind you that this is completely handmade, so some nuances, such as the tone of the color scale, minimal details, may differ.

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A cover on the passport of new standard of handwork is executed from the natural Italian skin of vegetable-tanned, a thickness of skin of 1 мм. of Technician of causing of picture is a burning-out . All our wares are hand-drafted fully. From cutting out, to sewing. At causing of picture we use the technique of pyrography with the further painting. Good soft, haptic skin very pleasant, cover elastic, but durable. Such cover will last to you by a faith and true long time. A cover on the passport of new standard is executed from the natural Italian skin of vegetable-tanned, thickness of skin of 1 мм. Painting of cover takes place in a few stages, in the beginning it saturating with various facilities, satiation oil of good for mildness and elasticity of skin. Further there is causing of color – гель-антиком with the effect of патинирования. After painting a cover for documents is covered by varnish, for protecting of paint from an abrasion, also varnish protects a cover from moisture. Sewing on a perimeter is executed only by hand, by the waxed filament

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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 11 x 7 cm


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