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Handmade leather bracelet. Size 4 * 20 cm. We can apply any drawing and engraving. Size can be made any. We want to remind you that this is handmade, therefore, minor changes in details are possible.

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All our products are made entirely by hand. From cutting to firmware. When applying the picture we use the technique of


The bracelet is made of genuine Italian vegetable tanned leather, leather thickness 2 mm. Painting of the bracelet occurs in several stages, at first it is the impregnation of various means, the saturation of the product with oil for softness and elasticity of the skin. Next comes the application of color – gel-antique with the effect of patination. After painting, the bracelet is varnished, to protect the paint from abrasion, the varnish also protects the bracelet from moisture. The edges of the product we polish and process, we close it with a special compound, which gives the finished look to the product.

Bracelet size 4 * 20 cm

On this bracelet we can put your personal engraving and make a bracelet of the desired length. In the manufacture of products under the order, we can offer several options for the background color.

The bracelet is fixed on the button, which allows you to fasten it quickly and without any help, and the button securely fixes it on your hand. With this fastening system, you can safely wear a bracelet under winter clothes and be sure that he will stay with you and not fly off.

We use in our work only high-quality materials and a professional line of paints, such as Fiebing’s and Eco-Flo. The combination of our knowledge, experience and the best materials, gives us the right to guarantee the quality of the product during operation. Smyrnovleather is a bright leather product made with soul. These are things that give joy. The company package includes a product passport, in which we stipulate a 3-year warranty.

Buying any of our products, you save your time in choosing a festive gift wrapper. We care about your comfort and send the products in a beautiful, branded packaging Smyrnovleather. So you get the selected product in a stylish frame and a lot of free time.

The product is coated with varnish, which prevents it from contamination, but if the product has been exposed to rain, it is necessary to wipe it with a soft cloth and let it dry naturally. Do not blow dry. If the product is dirty, it should also be wiped with a soft cloth or a piece of thick fur.

The handmade leather bracelet is made of genuine Italian vegetable tanned leather, leather thickness 2 mm. Technique drawing stamping with further painting. Each product is packaged in our branded gift packaging.

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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 20 x 4 cm



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