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Leather belt bag transformer. Made from heavy vegetable tanned leather. Repeat pattern is not possible, the bag is set as an example. You can order a bag of such a configuration with your logo in our workshop.

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This bag is exhibited for example. Repeat pattern is not possible. You can order a bag of this configuration with your own pattern or logo.

Leather Biker Bag
Comfortable leather bag handmade from Smyrnovleather. In this model, we worked out the system of fastenings in such a way that the bag would be put on the belt. This model is good for those who like to wear a belt and do not want to fasten a bag on a double strap. But such a model cannot be perepegnut over the shoulder, it is fixed permanently on the leg.

The bag is made of natural Italian vegetable-tanned leather, leather thickness 2 mm. The skin is dense, firm. The structure of the skin is textured, voluminous, due to embossing on it. The drawing is made in the technique of burning, sustained in a restrained color range.

All our products are made entirely by hand. From cutting to firmware. It helps us to create truly unique things of the highest quality. The firmware is made by hand, waxed thread, saddle stitch. The overall size of the bag is 28 * 15 cm. A wallet, documents, a telephone perfectly fit into such a bag, and there is still room for the necessary details. Consists of 3 compartments. One of them is on a snake, the rest under the flap on the clasp. Clasp we brought down the bags for greater safety while driving. The bag is ergonomic in operation. Suitable for those who love comfort and free hands.

When riding a motorcycle, in order to keep your tank safe and sound, we hid all the metal fasteners of the straps. The bag is fixed with two mounts. One on the leg, the second on the waist. The length is adjustable buckle. In our work we use only the best materials, this also applies to lightning, we have chosen Ykk professional fittings.

In the manufacture of bags to order, we can offer a different color range of products and a different overall size, as well as decorate the valve bags, lettering, design or logo.

We use only high-quality materials and a professional line of paints in our work, such as Fiebing’s and Eco-Flo. The combination of our professionalism, experience and the best materials, gives us the right to guarantee the quality of the product during operation, namely, a guarantee of 3 years. Smyrnovleather is a bright leather product made with soul. These are things that give joy.

Buying any of our products, you save your time in choosing a festive gift wrapper. We care about your comfort and send the items in a beautiful, branded packaging Smyrnovleather. So you get the selected product in a stylish frame.

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 28 x 15 x 8 cm


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