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Beginning to be interested in working with the skin, we assumed that this would be a purely hobby. But developing and improving our equipment and knowledge, we realized that we want to give this process all our time, learning more and implementing more and more complex and outlandish wishes of our customers.
Wishing to improve the quality of our work, and not their number, we work together to be able to personally monitor the quality of our products.


The leather used by us for the work of Italian production of vegetable tanning, which allows us to make a deep, durable impression (manual stamping) or burning (pyrography). Each of our products is unique and unique. Initially, the pattern is applied to the unpainted skin. After the drawing has already been made, the painting phase begins, the product is impregnated with various professional tools, painted and varnished. After that the product is sewn by hand with a saddle seam. The edge is polished and processed.
We do qualitative and spiritual things.

In the firmware of our products involved only manual labor, eye and patience. It’s the only way to achieve the strength and beauty of the seam.

So, yes, we can surely vouch for every piece of production of our products and on this basis we give 3-year warranty for everything that we do.



Close up of leather craftsman working with natural leather using hammer. Handbag master at work in local workshop. Handmade concept. Male shoemaker creating product with textile


One of the techniques in which we work is artistic embossing, the so-called cold embossing. Method of drawing a picture on the skin with the help of metal stamps and a hammer. For this method of work, a special kind of skin is used, more precisely skin processing, which makes it possible to make the drawing as large as possible and embossed, and also to work on individual sketches. The picture is transferred from the paper to the skin by hand, after which it is cut, and then processed with stamps using a hammer. After the completion of this stage of the creation of the product, the work is painted and processed by the finish to fix the coloring matter. The edges are also processed and polished. In this technique, we can do a lot (from the cover to the passport to the suitcase).

young girl burns drawing on scrap of brown leather. Creating a bag or purse made from natural material. Small local business. Art concept. Hobby

Pyrography (burning out)

Pyrography or burning on the skin, allows you to apply the most detailed and filigree pattern. As well as embossing, this technique implies drawing by hand.

young girl burns drawing on scrap of brown leather. Creating a bag or purse made from natural material. Small local business. Art concept. Hobby

Motor accessories

As motorcyclists, we also create all kinds of accessories for motorcycles and their drivers. Realizing the features of the ride, the convenience of movement, we make our goods not only beautiful but also as convenient and practical as possible, knowing how important it is on the road.



Trying to keep pace with the times and guided by the wishes of our customers, we constantly and with pleasure expand the scope of our activities and the range of products that we manufacture.
For example :

  • Scrolls for bar, kitchen, art and other equipment
  • Portupee
  • Belts
  • Bags

And all that is enough for our customers.


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